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Your salesmen work in stores, face-to-face, or even in their car: have you thought about training them to use their sales tools in these real life situations?

Tilbury Training Offer

Working for almost 20 years on creating softwares for salesforces, Tilbury has developed a deep knowledge of the relation the salesmen have with digital tools.

This knowledge allow us to make tools that are always perceived as practical and easy to use: sales pitch book, decision-making tools, TPM… The user interacts with our software everyday, he uses them in some very stressful situations (e.g. with an unhappy customer), so that it’s crucial for us to make our products as adaptive, intuitive and user-frinedly as possible.

It’s precisely because of this confirmed expertise that many of our customers have asked us to train their teams to the use of digital tools, not only for the ones we have developed ourselves, but also for the specifical tools used in their company, as well as for the most common tools like the Office Suite or the social networks.

A training to fully exploit the digital tools in sales situations

My devices: how do they work?

The basic principles to understand any device. Softwares: what they can do, what they cannot

Everyday softwares

Email, MS Office, social networks (both public and private): how to correctly use them in a real life sale situation

My company’s own softwares

Support in the learning process of softwares adopted by your company and of their use in real life sale situation

Facing “crisis”

My device doesn’t work. What should I do? Working efficiently with IT support.



Our goal is make the learner autonomous and confident, not only in the everyday use of digital tools but also by giving him the basis for a continous and autonomous progress in the future.

  • De-dramatise
  • Giving guidelines
  • Working on concrete exemples

The training has the following goals:

  • To learn the softwares’ potential
  • To make their use easier
  • To optimize the sales reps’ performances with the digital tools
  • To make them autonomous and capable of learning by themself the tools’ features and possibilities

Once the training is complete, each learner will be able to use with ease the main functionnalities of the most common softwares. He will also be confident with their use in a real life sale situation or a meeting, and he will be able to progress on his own.

The offer

Tilbury’s training offer is designed based on the most frequent use cases

Using my device at the office, or at home

Learning how to use the device

  • Inside your device: how does it work
  • Basic principles
  • Breakdowns and bugs: facing, managing, anticipating them


  • Email and communication
  • Presentation tools
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases

Using my device with a client

The basics

  • Technical guidelines
  • Exploit the downtime
  • Prepare your meeting
  • Ask the right questions

Using softwares in front of your clients

  • PowerPoint and presentation tools
  • Sales support tools
  • Utilization in a meeting


All trainings are specifically conceived for you

  • Your technical and practical environment is taken into account and reproduced on our machines: the environment is CUSTOMIZED
  • The training is conceived to best adapt to your users: the teaching is EFFECTIVE
  • Exercices and case studies proposed to the learner are chosen according to real life scenarios, to ensure results as near as possible to thoses excepted in the actual work: the learning process is FACTUAL

The training project includes multiple phases

  • Overview of your needs and of your technical and practical environments
  • Proposition of a schedule, learning material, excercices
  • Submitting of evaluation forms
  • Establishing groups and schedules
  • Simulations
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluations

All courses are reorganized to better fit your company and your needs


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  • We recommend sessions with up to 8 sales reps, this being the ideal to ensure the trainer’s involvement with each learner
  • The schedule will be discussed and established with you, to meet everyone’s needs and availabilities
  • Tilbury is a certified training organization in France (N° 11753544875)