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Mobile sales team vs Covid

On the 17th of March 2020 in France, all mobile sales teams went suddenly silent and petrified. They had lost their mission, to visit their clients on the field and help them answer their needs and objectives.

For more than two months, the sales teams who should have been working with food retailers (the only ones left open) tried to find any way to keep in touch with their clients.

Only the most prepared and the most digitalized ones could face the situation. Once the quarantine has been lifted, most of them just rushed into stores to redo as before, what had not been done in the two months. Opportunity lost?

Sales teams’ digitalization

Whereas it is clear to everyone that digitalization must be reinforced and sped up, the first logical step, eCommerce! is not enough. It is compulsory to have an eCommerce strategy, including one’s own website but also a complete online retail strategy. Shelves are as important on a website as in a store.

The second digitalization action must be the mobile sales teams’ one. How can I make sure my sales reps can follow the clients without visiting them physically? our clients ask. At Tilbury’s, we have long integrated all the sales value chain in a seamless digital approach. Our mobile sales teams’ softwares (SFA, Trade Promotion Manager, Sales team coaching app) are integrated with our clients’ CRM, ERP, TPM and PIM.

But we also integrate all this ecosystem with B2B eCommerce websites and B2B eCommerce extranets. They allow the sales reps to co-operate with their clients around ordeing tools, delivery tools, marketing content, chat, and to always have the latest sales pitch at hand.

Integrating the whole B2B eCommerce ecosystem

By integrating the whole sales and marketing ecosystem of your organization, Tilbury allow you to keep your sales reps close to your clients in every situation. It also allows a finer understandign of the performance of your teams and of your commercial content.

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