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Integrating your CRM and your SFA

What a strange world, the one of mobile salesforces, as it supposes 3 building blocks. Sales Reps, and of course clients, on the field. Tools and Data then, for the former, and data on the latter, all of them easily accessible and user-friendly for who is not comfortably seated at one’s desk but rather outside by all weathers, standing in a supermarket or seated in a car…

At Tilbury, we have been taking these 3 pilars into account from day 1, and yet they seem often forgotten by our clients: CRM that work only if connected, tools that needs a several-gigabytes synchronization 2 minutes before a sales meeting… We fight all these nonsenses thought in offices with our tools and solutions that have been designed on the field.

That’s why our Tilboard™ digital pitch book, our Trade Promotion Management tools and our Business Intelligence tools are always linked to your CRM. Thanks to our clients, we have natively integrated our tools to the main CRMs, such as Salesforce*, Coheris* or Klee*. In one click, the sales rep switch from the CRM’s client page to its dedicated salespitch preparation in the SFA and the other way round.

Tilbury if THE specialist of mobile salesforces’ tools, all our clients will tell you so.



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