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Have you ever thought to train your sales reps to correctly use their digital assets in a sales situation?

At Tilbury, our first experience with salesforces dates back from the first wave of IT equipment in the 90s, we did not even talked about “digitalisation” at that time. And yet, it was already as revolution as the paper salescase that every sales rep had in one’s car was being replaced by a computer that was suppose to replace it all.

Of course, this promise took some years to become real, both for integrating all the data but also the tools in a coherent and efficient set. Coherent and efficient only if the users know how to use them, and it was not long before we realized that most of the time, the sales rep were given a laptop and, if trained at all, were trained to use office tools in a standard way: Excel, Word, Powerpoint…

That was not totally useless but training a mobile salesforce is training people working while standing in a store, sitting in a car, and seldom in front at a desk at home. We always go on the field with the people that will use our tools and one thing was sure: the sales reps were not trained to use their specif tools and software in ther specific work environment!

That’s how we decided to develop specific training for mobile sales reps, not only to use our tools which is handy, but to use all the digital assets they have in real sales situations. Do’s and dont’s, what to do when the devide freezes, has no more battery, when to let the client play with it and when and how not to give the device to the client…

A little bit of theory and a lot of practical use cases and simulations are at the core of these trainings, in order for your sales team to increase its sales potential with their customers! Do not hesitate to contact us to plan one.

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