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With Xperience by Kentico, our CMS technology partner provides the best of MVC technology

For seven years, TIlbury has selected Kentico as its technology partner for content management systems (CMS) using Microsoft technologies. Present years after years by the Gartner Group’s magic quadrant for CMS, Xperience by Kentico is an agile and powerful ASP. Net MVC solution, animated by a passionate team. Xperience by Kentico is a platform that […]

Mobile sales team vs Covid

On the 17th of March 2020 in France, all mobile sales teams went suddenly silent and petrified. They had lost their mission, to visit their clients on the field and help them answer their needs and objectives. For more than two months, the sales teams who should have been working with food retailers (the only […]

Client case: Carte Noire

As everybody knows, a good coffee is a must in order to work well. And in order to sell well a good coffee, one needs a good SFA software. This is why Carte Noire, leader of the French coffeee market has chosen TilBoard for its nomad sales forces in France.

Client case: groupe SEB

The famous French group of small domestic appliances SEB has chosen Tilbury to equip its mobile sales forces. A beautiful project deployed in record time thank to a perfect implication of all teams.

We.Promo: a Trade Promotions Manager’s Revolution

Tilbury is proud to announce the launch of We.Promo, the Saas solution to manage your promotions and at last give all stakeholders the right visibility and knowledge about the promotional activity. Manage and visualize products, offers, promotions from conception to negociation and validation, and in-store implementation. Paln and follow, volumes, values, from provisional to actual […]

2019: the Trade Promotion Manager’s year at Tilbury

Trade Promotions Managers are crucial tools for our clients to plan, manage and deliver their promotions. With turnovers sometimes dependent for more than 50% on promotions, tools to work, share and co-operate are crucial, from Key Account Manager, Marketing and Promotions teams, to the sales people on the field. In 2019, Tilbury will release a […]

Kentico in Gartner Group’s Magic Quadrant again!

Our partner Kentico is for the third time in htree years in Gartner Group’s Magic Quadrant for the best CMS. It supports Tilbury’s choice of this technical platform to realise your heavy eCommerce projects with a headless architecture (interfacing your ERP, CRM, Trade Promotion Managers, Product Information Managers, etc.) Tilbury is Kentico’s Silver Partner in […]

Competitive intelligence on the field needs appropriate tools

Your sale representatives on the field have the best place and opportunity to bring back data to the headquarters, operations done by the clients, promotions, prices and competitive intelligence as well. Providing your teams with the best tools to make it efficient and quick is key and smartphone have been a key asset for this. […]

GDPR : Tilbury is ready

The new European regulation for data protection will be neforced from late May 2018 and is a major subject at our clients. We know how to treat the GDPR aspects and will be happy to discuss them for our tools with your DPO.